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Cornwall DJ, MP Entertainment, Martin Pilon
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Cornwall DJ, MP Entertainment, Martin Pilon
A little about me

I was born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario.  After graduating from St. Lawrence College in 2003, I moved to the Ottawa area to start my career in the IT field which led me back to Cornwall a few years later where my wife and I started our family.  We are the proud parents of 2 wonderful school-aged children, a boy and a girl...

I've had an interest in music and entertainment all of my life.  My father played in a wedding band when I was younger, which inspired me to be musically inclined as well.  Musically speaking, apart from being a DJ, I also play the guitar and piano and love to sing.  Simply put, I love music... and entertaining!


My interest in being a DJ began back in primary school when my friends and I figured out how to connect our "Walkmans" to the school's P.A. System... the rest is history!

What I offer

I offer professionalism, dedication and most importantly, my passion for what I love to do.  I strive to ensure my clients are always satisfied.  When it comes to wedding clients, my number one priority is for them to feel like guests at their own reception.

Today, my focus is on making your event memorable.  I care very much about my client's needs and always ask myself:


"If this was my event, what could I do to make it better?  What can make this event stand out from the rest?".  I love working together with my clients to ensure they get what they want, and maybe a little more!   I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions, or require my services for your event!