Are all Disc Jockeys the same?

So you're hiring a DJ... They're all the same aren't they? No... not at all! First off, let's get the easy stuff out of the way and talk about what you should at least consider being your minimum standard when hiring a DJ service... FACT: Anyone who wants to be a "DJ", can simply purchase a sound system, plug their smart phone into it, play some music and be off to the races. There's no denying that this is a reality and that most DJs, are exactly what I just described.

Here is a list of things you should ask or look for when hiring a Professional mobile DJ:

  • Does the DJ offer a written contract?

  • Does the DJ obtain his music from a legal source?

  • Does the DJ carry liability insurance?

  • Does the DJ have back up equipment on site?

  • Does the DJ belong to a professional organization such as the Canadian Disc Jockey Association

At a minimum, I highly recommend that you hire a DJ Service that meets the above criteria. There are a few DJ's in our region (including me) that meet this criteria... You can find them by conducting a search on the Canadian Disc Jockey Association's website.

So what else differentiates one DJ from another?

Some DJ's will talk about their "style" of mixing or the type of music they play. Some will talk about sound equipment, or how many songs they have in their library... others will talk about lighting effects they can provide for your event.

What sets me (MP Entertainment) apart from the others?

For me, having the privilege to entertain the guests you have invited to your wedding or other event, is more than just showing up with some speakers, music and flashy dance lights. It's about ensuring your guests are entertained and engaged throughout the evening, and that they remember how much fun they had at your reception, for years to come. It's about working TOGETHER with my clients, to create memorable moments during the event...

I aim to please and always deliver. The best part of doing this job is receiving awesome testimonials like these:

I will be sharing some of these memorable moments with you during the upcoming wedding season... so stay tuned! :) Thank you for reading my blog... until next time!

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